A downloadable game for Android

Connect two gamepads, and play against your friend, because this game is two player only.

- Use the d-pad or the left analog stick to move our player.

- Press button O (or A) to make a smoke cloud. When your opponent walks through it, it will make him dizzy and slow. Best to drop it while he's right behind you.

- Press button A (or B) to walk through walls.

- After a win, the winner can be dizzy the next round.

After each win, both players might get new items.

You can also set a handicap : this will make the better player more slow/dizzy, and he will receive less items.

You can also set the game to NOT use items.

There is also a scrambler : Can be set to NO, light, medium or heavy. This will scramble the maze after some random time.

Game works on OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and most android devices with gamepads

Hit F12 to change from window mode to full screen.


MazeRunner.2.1.0.apk 9 MB

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