A downloadable game for Windows and Android

You are the new sheriff, and the town is full with bad guys!

- Use left and right shoulder buttons to shoot bad guys. You can also use d-pad left and A-button to shoot. You can only shoot when arm is moving.

- You can also touch the left and right side of the screen to shoot, on tablet/phone/touchscreen device. Game will also work entirely with touchscreen devices.

- Use Z and M to shoot when using keyboards

- Shoot cactus for extra hearts

- Shoot shield for extra armor

- Contains 2 bonus levels

Works on Windows, OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and most android devices with touchscreen, keyboard or gamepads

How long can you survive?

Good luck!


Shootout.[2.5.0].zip 2 MB
Shootout.[2.5.0].apk 9 MB

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